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Experience IRMARFER US Igloo & fabric structure tent rentals, and take your event to the next level. IRMARFER US Igloo, Pagoda, Wave, Mezzanines & temporary fabric structures are ideal for a variety of industries and applications such as aviation, military hangars, construction, petrochemical, botanical greenhouses, sporting events, exhibitions, music & film festivals, fashion shows, corporate events, VIP lounges, portable temporary industrial warehouses and much more. Choose from the Igloo, Wave, Mezzanine, A-frame, unique Textile Architecture or custom design your own structure to fit any space.

The extraordinary construction and design team at IRMARFER US portable structure tent rentals has consistently and remarkably mastered the artistry of special events and logistics of temporary structures throughout the world. Let IRMARFER US reflect your vision and unveil into reality.

IRMARFER US event tent rentals offers flexible leasing and lease to own options to our clients for added convenience. The nationwide temporary building support crews at IRMARFER US Igloo structure tent rentals will maintain your temporary structure on-demand for the duration of your leasing agreement for a worry-free, seamless and more than satisfactory experience. IRMARFER US is here to create optimal temporary structure solutions for any industry or application.

Choose IRMARFER US event tent rentals for your all of your temporary fabric structure needs. Set yourself apart and choose the best of the best. With a wide range of custom building options, it is impossible to not find what you are looking for. Experience IRMARFER now by clicking on the video below or viewing IRMARFER’s extensive work portfolio. 

Irmarfer US | Event Tent Rentals | Fabric Structure Rentals 

Irmarfer Corporate Vídeo 2017 from Irmarfer on Vimeo.

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