IRMARFER FLOORING | Temporary Structure Flooring Systems

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Glass Flooring

Irmarfer Flooring Systems | Key Features & Benefits

  • Leveled Flooring with Ultra High Weight Capacities
  • Available in Steel, Plywood or Glass Sections 
  • Multi-purpose Glass Sections functional as Pool Covers and Mezzanine Flooring (photographed above)
  • Nationwide installation available in all US and Canadian cities including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego,      Phoenix, Detroit, New York, Miami, Dallas, Orlando, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver
  • Rapid Manufacturing and Delivery Options in all US and Canadian regions including Southern California,            Pacific North and Southwest
  • Flexible Options Available in 49″ x 49″ sections with spans of 4′, 6′ and 16′
  • ADA Compliant Platforms with Flooring Available 
  • Functional for branding opportunities with custom logo applications
  • International Shipping and Installation Available

IRMARFER US | Irmarfer Flooring Systems

Our adjustable flooring systems are modular by design with flexible dimensions available in steel, plywood or glass. Clear flooring options are Ideal as pool covers, automobile showcases, VIP events and more. Custom flooring available with ample opportunities for branding. Modular Staircase with adjustable heights and railing system also available.

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