Wisconsin Structure Tent Rental / Sales

Irmarfer Tent Structures has built a reputation for providing high quality party rentals and delivering exceptional service for Wisconsin Events. Industry’s including weddings, corporate events, Music & Film, Fashion, Sporting Events, Exhibition, Blast Structures and long term rentals such as warehouses. We have an extensive selection of Tents, Snow Loaded Structures, Blast Structures, Leveled Flooring, HVAC, Power, Sleeping and Food Trailers.
It is our goal to make your special event the most memorable and enjoyable experience possible with our many event rental choices. In the Wisconsin Market we offer soft vinyl wall, glass wall, horizontal glass wall, leveled flooring, lay down flooring, lighting, tent liners, custom vinyl tops. clear tops and many other accessories.   Please reach out to one of our specialists today to learn more about the possible accessories that we can use to make your structure more unique.

Our goal is to make it simple for our customers by providing a whole host of unique party rental items for the Wisconsin region. Whatever your occasion, style or theme of your party, we have a classy and stylish solution for you. Click the link below to contact us today!

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25m Palas CES 2020 Corperate Events Tent
25m Palas CES 2020 Corporate Events Tent

Event Rentals

Let IRMARFER take your next corporate event to the next level. We have experience working with many brands, including fortune 500 companies nationwide, providing our clients with the very best results in temporary structure rentals in the Wisconsin


Fully customizable, weather resistant modular fabric buildings are an excellent choice to customize your next speaker’s lounge, VIP area, awards reception tent, corporate party and much more.

Tent & Structure Sales

Irmarfer Tent Structures US has a full team of CAD Designers and Engineers ready to design your new Building at your venue.  Capable of 2d and 3d modeling and design please reach out for your custom build in the Wisconsin.

Structures are designed in both Europe and Wisconsin.  Wisconsin Structures are Berry Compliant and can be used for Government and Military Projects.  Structures can also be manufactured to be Compliant with The American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 756 (ARI RP 756). These tents are needed for Oil , Gas and Mining Sites for Process Plant Tent.  These structures can be used at Zone 3, 2, of 1.

16' x 32' Ticket Booth
16′ x 32′ Ticket Booth
Glass Flooring Rental and Sales
Glass Flooring Rental and Sales

Flooring Rental / Sales

In Wisconsin our adjustable flooring systems is the fasted level floor around.  These Systems are modular by design with flexible dimensions available in steel, plywood or glass. Clear flooring options are Ideal as pool covers, automobile showcases, VIP events and more. Custom flooring available with ample opportunities for branding. Modular Staircase with adjustable heights and railing system also available.

Event Elevators

Elevators in the Wisconsin are available for Rental or Sales.  These are great for Double and Triple Decker Tents. Works well on 4′ or 10′ or 13′ elevation floors but can be made to fit any height. Inquire today.

Jp Morgan Corporate Challenge
Jp Morgan Corporate Challenge

Project Management & Design

Our knowledgeable consultants are available to help you choose the items you need. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any special request! We can help Design, Manage and Oversee the event.  Irmarfer Tent Structures US offers full Turn Key Event Services in The Wisconsin

Pandemic Response Solutions

  • Break Room Structures
  • Bubble Units
  • Temporary Classrooms
  • Disinfecting Solutions
  • Hand Sanitizer Solutions
  • Pop Up Restaurants
  • Social Distancing Barriers
  • 222nm Far UVC Disinfection Tunnels
  • Temperature Screening
  • Temporary Hospitals
  • Warehousing Solutions
  • Hospital PPE Storage Warehouse
  • Shelter from Wind and Rain


Irmarfer B Covid Hospital Tent
Irmarfer B Covid Hospital Tent


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Wisconsin Structure Tent Rental / Sales
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Disaster Relief Tent Structures & Emergency Shelters / Base Camp Services

Lodging Solutions

From Large Structure tents to bunk Trailers Irmarfer US.  These turnkey solutions can be deployed to needed areas in 24 hours. These fast solutions are available in the Wisconsin. Please See a list of services that are included.

Irmarfer Lodging services in Wisconsin:

  • Mobile Lodging Tailers
  • Clearspan Tents
  • Lay down and Leveled Floors
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Generators
  • Fuel Services
  • Cots and mobile Beds
  • LED Lighting

Base Camp Services

Irmarfer US Offers a large magnitude of Base camp Services in the Wisconsin. Please see a list of these services below.

 Irmarfer base camp services in Wisconsin:

  • Deployable Field Hospitals
  • Negative Pressure/ Isolation Units
  • Turn Key Disaster Response Base Camps
  • Shelter Support Services
  • Military Forward Operation Bases (FOB)
  • Medical Facilities / First Aid
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Recreation Areas

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Mobile Kitchen Services


With our Mobil Clearspan tents and Ready to deploy kitchen trailers we are able to deploy within 48 hours notice to anywhere in the Wisconsin.  This equipment can be used to make meals for 1000 – 25000 meals per day.  With Partners we can also offer Full Service Catering/ Food Service in Wisconsin

 Irmarfer Provides the following services in Wisconsin:

  • Modular Kitchen Rental Facilities
  • Mobile Kitchen Rental Facilities
  • Modular Refrigeration Rentals
  • Mobile Refrigeration Rentals
  • Mobile Food Prep
  • Food Service Design Consultations
  • Modular Dining Facilities
  • Mobile Dish washing Trailers


Temporary Housing
Temporary Housing

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Wisconsin Structure Tent Rental / Sales